Each Spring, Arts Orange County presents the Creative Edge Lecture to bring together the business, arts, and education communities to learn about and discuss the value of creativity in all endeavors.

10th Annual Creative Edge Lecture
Tuesday, March 5, 2019, 10 AM, IRVINE BARCLAY THEATRE


"Citizen Artistry: Restoring the Human Spirit Through Artistic Engagement"

Vijay Gupta is the recipient of a 2018 MacArthur Fellow ("Genius Grant") and Founder and Artistic Director of Street Symphony, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing musical engagement, dialogue and teaching artistry for homeless and incarcerated communities in Los Angeles.

An esteemed performer, communicator, educator and citizen-artist, Gupta is a leading advocate for the role of the arts and music to heal, inspire, provoke change, and foster social connection. The arts and creativity are an essential part of the human spirit. For communities disenfranchised by homelessness and incarceration -- audiences served by the work of organizations like Street Symphony -- music is not a form of respite or entertainment, it is a lifeline.

This talk explored how art restores a pathway to the flourishing human spirit and the impactful role of citizen artistry in our communities. The lecture included a string quartet performance by Orange County high school students led by Gupta, and concluded with a panel discussion.

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2019 Creative Edge Lecture - Dr. Vijay Gupta
Citizen Artistry: Restoring the Human Spirit through Artistic Engagement

Event Photographs

Vijay Gupta performing with members of the Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra

Jay Lee, viola - Grade 12, Northwood High School (Irvine Unified)
Kevin Lu, violin - Grade 9, Portola High School (Irvine Unified)
Priscilla Kim, cello - Grade 12, OC School of the Arts (Santa Ana Unified, Charter)

Vijay Gupta Presenting

ArtsOC President, Rick Stein leads a panel discussion: Ben Shirley, Composer-in-Residence, Street Symphonies; OC High School Student Performers; Vijay Gupta

The audience at the Irvine Barclay Theatre

(L to R) Rachel Donawerth, OCCF
Vanessa Pereda Smith, Boeing
Maria Passaseo, Boeing
Alexa Rousso, Homeboy
Damond Johnson, Homeboy

(L to R) Tamika Lang, Boeing
Bob Davis
Susan Hori, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
Dennis Cole, OCDE
Karen Wood, Irvine Barclay Theatre
Bart Ziegler
Susan Lane Leonard
Judith Posnikoff, Martlett Asset Management
Vijay Gupta

(L to R) Steve Venz, OCDE
Dr. Al Mijares, OCDE
Nina Boyd, OCDE
Chris Reese, OCDE
Natalie Rubalcava, OC Business Council
Dr. Jeff Hittenberger, OCDE

(Center L to R) Molly Pontin, Pacific Chorale
Eileen Jeanette, Pacific Chorale
Genevieve Romero, 4th District PTA
Leah Winter, 4th District PTA
Scott Fitzpatrick, Newport Mesa Unified School District
Shawne Zarubica, Pacific Symphony
Susan Miller Kotses, Pacific Symphony

(L to R) Pam Steinmetz, UCI
Stephen Barker, UCI, Claire Trevor School of the Arts
Sara Garske, First Foundation Bank
Shante Carter, UCI
Rick Smetanka, Haskell & White
Andy Brown, Pacific Chorale
Ivan Williams, UCI
Jana Cain, UCI

(L to R) Karen Ahola, Arts Orange County
Lisa Li
Rick Stein, Arts Orange County
Charlie Zhang, Orange County Music and Dance/Zion Enterprises
James Herr, Annenberg Foundation
Alex Jones, SCFTA
Wendy Chang, Dwight Stuart Youth Fund
Thomas Nielsen

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