Each Spring, Arts Orange County presents the Creative Edge Lecture to bring together the business, arts, and education communities to learn about and discuss the value of creativity in all endeavors.

10th Annual Creative Edge Lecture
Tuesday, March 5, 2019, 10 AM, IRVINE BARCLAY THEATRE


"Citizen Artistry: Restoring the Human Spirit Through Artistic Engagement"

Vijay Gupta is the recipient of a 2018 MacArthur Fellow ("Genius Grant") and Founder and Artistic Director of Street Symphony, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing musical engagement, dialogue and teaching artistry for homeless and incarcerated communities in Los Angeles.

An esteemed performer, communicator, educator and citizen-artist, Gupta is a leading advocate for the role of the arts and music to heal, inspire, provoke change, and foster social connection. The arts and creativity are an essential part of the human spirit. For communities disenfranchised by homelessness and incarceration -- audiences served by the work of organizations like Street Symphony -- music is not a form of respite or entertainment, it is a lifeline.

This talk explored how art restores a pathway to the flourishing human spirit and the impactful role of citizen artistry in our communities. The lecture included a string quartet performance by Orange County high school students led by Gupta, and concluded with a panel discussion.

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2018 Creative Edge Lecture - Dr. Robert Duke
Eleven Years Of Piano and I Can't Get a Date: Cultivating Creativity In Human Expression
Pictures and Information

Musicians from Santa Ana High School provide entertainment in the Barclay lobby

The Winner of the Imagination Celebration Poster Contest was on display alongside other finalists

The audience takes in Dr. Duke's insights and lessons

(Standing, from L) Arts OC Development Director Karen Ahola, Joy Moyers, and Shanin Ziemer (Seated, from L) Anthony Manrique, Andy Lamb

(Standing, from L) Lorraine Caukin, Kelly Kelly, Kay Mortenson (Seated, from L) Jeff Hittenberger, Dennis Cole, Cliff Wright

(Standing, from L) Robyn Grant, Jill John, Carol Jacobs, Janet Ray, Sarah Koo (Seated, from L) Ivan Williams, Sal Rivas

(Standing, from L) Maria Passaseo, Tiffany Pitts, Kevin Cusato (Seated, from L) Kevin Ober, Bobbie Cusato, Clare Cusato

(Standing, from L) Stephen Barker, Holly Lyons, Mary Lyons, Robert Duke, Rick Smetanka, Bill Cusato (Seated, from L) Arts Orange County CEO Richard Stein, Jerry Mandel

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